Tourism to the US faces Squeeze!

I recently received a mail from my brother-in-law Atul, settled in California asking that have we applied for our US Visa. I was quite surprised given the current circumstances in the US regarding VISA ban which is big extensively covered by India rather world media. I asked my husband, is the time right to apply of the US Visa? To this he replied probably not stating so many factors.

The time is really does not seem to be ripe rather risky feel so many tourists across the world.  As reported by Reuters, the US travel sector is bracing for a year in which strong dollar and uncertainty over President Donald Trump’s travel ban could deter visitors, Industry representatives said at the World’s Biggest Tourism Trade Fair in Berlin.

Donald Trump

Trump recently signed a revised executive order banning citizens from Six Muslim Majority nations from travelling to the US. Those countries account for a tiny percentage of the US Visitors, but there is growing concern that the order could hurt the image of the US and scare the tourists away.

The dollar has gained more than 5 per cent against Euro over the past six months, making it more expensive for travelers to visit the US. New York City was expecting foreign tourist numbers to remain unchanged at 12.7 million but has cut its forecast for 2017 by 300,000. The City has spent $3 million on a marketing campaign with the Slogan “Welcoming the World”.


Las Vegas, another major tourist destination, hopes business with trade conventions and a wide price range for accommodation will keep growth robust, says Heidi Hayes, Director of Communications for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

A Survey by the Global Business Travel Association indicated business travel, an important source of income for hotels and airlines, could suffer due to the ban. Some 37 percent of the US business travel professionals said they expect a reduction in their company’s travel because of Trump’s revised executive order, while 17 per cent of European travel professionals said their Company has cancelled business travel to the US.

Las VegasLas Vegas

Dubai based Emirates airline said that at the fair its booking rate for flights to and from the US took a 35 percent hit overnight after the first travel ban and had not yet recovered.

Still I see a huge opportunity here, and my plans of visiting the US are afloat!


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